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Math Tutoring

Jupiter Island Tutoring - Math Tutoring 1

We understand that the subject of math can be a difficult subject for many. With our trained professionals, we are here to help and reinforce students at any level. We provide unique tools for each student for topics such as problem-solving or word problems. Watch and see as your child’s test scores steadily improve as we give him or her the right reinforcement and confidence for the next time he or she enters school.

Here are four major reasons to consider our math tutoring services for your child:

You Can Improve Study Habits

Learning is a joint partnership between the school and home. We teach the right study habits for every student to fully grasp the knowledge they’ve been taught in the classroom. We make it easy for them, which will reduce the need for lengthy study times. Setting the time limits, we teach the student problem-solving tricks they may use on their test and they’ll be able to utilize them for the rest of the year and into the next grade level. By setting these study habits, each student is held accountable for applying what is taught at home.   

You Will Gain Another Teacher View

Sometimes it can take an extra person or another point of view in order to get the lesson across to the student. Not everyone learns the same and it’s something we recognize and take into consideration when we begin to tutor. We analyze the students and how they’re receiving and processing the information delivered to them. Sometimes all it takes is a reiteration of the same lesson type or a completely new direction. For instance, one student may be a visual learner and another may understand through one-on-one conversation.  

It Raises Your Child’s Math Level

We are here to reinforce knowledge and challenge each student to rise in the ranks of each new math level. In other words, we are your child’s cheerleader that won’t stop teaching after displayed improvements. We want to teach them and allow them to be the best they can be so that they may achieve whatever life desires they have. We look to build excitement and encourage them to want to improve to the next level of learning. We are available at all times of the year, so you may choose their start time whenever it is most convenient for you.

It Offers One-on-One Help

In classrooms that can be especially huge, we understand the teacher may be a little stretched and won’t be able to get to every student. However, this can hurt the student who may need extra guidance, which is exactly why we’re here. We’re here to build the reinforcement that students may have missed out in the classroom with one-on-one help. By providing this, we can teach at the exact pace your child is comfortable with and they don’t have to feel the pressure of moving with the mass of the rest of the classroom.