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Jupiter Island Tutoring

Special Needs Tutors of Jupiter Island


Jupiter Island Tutoring is a tutoring company that provides an excellent tutoring service for your child so that they may succeed in whatever dreams they want to pursue. We have educated professionals ready to tackle any student’s difficulties whether that be related to the subject of math or the process of standardized testing. We are not only an organization that will give your child an extra boost in their learning career, but we also provide an unforgettable experience that will pave the way for future learning opportunities.

About Us

Jupiter Island Tutoring has been dedicated to serving you and your child for a number of years. With our highly trained staff, we are sure that your child will have a wonderful experience from the moment he or she enters our doors. We provide the needed tools to help your child grow and we analyze their strong and weak points in order to better understand how we may assist them. We operate with kindness and efficiency that will ensure that you come back each time.


    Our Services

    Jupiter Island Tutoring provides the best services in order to reinforce and positively help your child’s learning experience. We’ve been providing tutoring services for several years. With highly trained staff, we offer tips and tricks to ensure that each child understands the learning material no matter how they may process the information needed for success. Our mission is to have each student leave our space feeling confident to tackle their next homework assignment or pass their next test with flying colors.

    Tutors who care
    Special Needs Tutor

    We’ll be able to work with children who have disabilities or special needs because we recognize that all individuals have different abilities. After discussing your child’s circumstances with you, we’ll match them with the best professional tutor who will be tailored to their needs. It’s our desire to treat each child positively and with kindness in order to best help them on their journey.

    SAT Tutor
    SAT Tutoring

    The SAT is one of the largest tests in the country. Each test consists of reading, writing, and math, and must be completed in a limited period of time. Our SAT tutoring service will be catered to the need of each individual student by working with them in the exact areas where they are struggling. We’ll work with your child on the best practices for completing the test on time and we’ll also work with them on how to increase their knowledge so they can score higher as well.

    “We went with Jupiter Island Tutoring to tutor our son who was struggling in math. His grades have already gone up in the space of less than a month!” – Rebekah S.

    Jupiter Island Tutoring - ACT Tutoring 2
    ACT Tutoring

    The ACT test is one of the largest standardized tests when it comes to college admissions. The test includes subjects such as math, science, English, and reading. As with our SAT tutoring services, our ACT tutoring services will include advice on how to complete the test on time and on how to score higher on the test as well. The tutoring service can also be catered to specific subjects where the student is struggling.

    private tutor
    Math Tutoring

    Math is not an easy subject for several students. Our math tutoring services are aimed at reinforcing knowledge of mathematics to your child by working with them on specific areas in math where they are struggling. By working with our professional math tutors, your child’s test scores should improve and more importantly, they should also receive the proper reinforcement they need to boost their confidence the next time they walk into the math classroom. Your child’s skills in math won’t just improve, but their belief in their math skills will improve as well.

    “My son and daughter both really enjoyed working with their tutor from Jupiter Island Tutoring, and have made excellent improvement in their grades at school.” – Rowan R.

    Home school Tutor
    Home School Tutoring

    Teaching a child through the homeschool format is fundamentally different from teaching a child in a public school setting based on the change in the environment alone. Some students thrive better in a homeschool learning environment, while others do not. If you have a desire to instruct your children through homeschooling but have noted that they have had difficulty in certain subjects, you can have them work with one of our trained homeschool tutors, which will give your children the opportunity to work with one of our tutors at your home, whether it be in person or online. This will give them a new learning perspective catered to their needs so they can succeed in a home-based classroom.

    reading comprehension tutor
    Reading Comprehension Tutors

    Reading comprehension is easily one of the most important life skills that one can have and these skills are best acquired in a person’s younger years. Our reading comprehension tutoring services are provided to students of any skill level or age because it is our belief that a child needs to be put on the right track no matter where they are at. As with each of our other tutoring services, our reading comprehension tutoring services are catered to the individual needs of your child rather than just working from a standard curriculum regardless of their current skill level.

    “I would normally home school our kids, but due to my work commitments I’m not always able to. For those days, I always go with Jupiter Island Tutoring and am always impressed by what my kids have to say after,” – Jess G.

    Call Us Today

    Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our tutoring services. You can contact us on the service number that we have provided where you can speak to one of our customer service representatives and schedule an appointment. If you would like to get a free quote for our services, don’t hesitate to ask.