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ACT Tutoring

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A private ACT tutor is trained to work with your child efficiently so that they can be the most prepared for ACT testing. The ACT test is a type of standardized test used in the college admissions process during the time of applications. The test covers the topics of English, math, reading, and science reasoning. We will work with your child in each of these areas so that they are most prepared from the minute they enter the testing center, and we will reduce any type of anxiety they may have beforehand.

Here are the top reasons to consider ACT tutoring for your child:

To Reduce Test Anxiety

We want your child to be confident when walking into the testing area. Confidence instantly boosts personal self-esteem and guarantees a higher test score. We ensure that we’ll be able to reduce any testing anxiety by preparing your child with the needed information for the test as well as everything they may expect during the day of the test.

To Build On Strengths

At the tutoring center, we always make sure to positively reinforce students in the subjects that they are already exceeding. To build on this, we continue to put in an effort into that subject, just like any other in the test and we prepare them with some of the more difficult questions they need to be ready to answer in order to build their scores within that area. We give out practice exams and highlight their successes from the beginning so that we may have a solid starting point for them.

To Address Weakness

After we build on the strengths of each child, we also call out the weaknesses in order to highlight the areas in which your child may grow. We start by asking the questions of where they feel they may be struggling and then match those answers with their productivity on the practice questions and practice exams. Then we analyze how their test-taking has evolved in the days your child has spent with us and we continue to build upon them until they’re able to answer some of the harder questions within the subject(s) they were originally struggling with. We strive to see incremental growth during this process and we constantly look forward to the increase of test scores.

To Invest in Your Child’s Future

At Jupiter Island Tutoring, we make sure that we’re providing each student with the knowledge they need to succeed well after they take the ACT test. Not only do we reinforce the information in each test question, but we ultimately teach your child how to successfully take this type of difficult test. We provide tips and tricks of what questions are best left unanswered and which ones to spend more time on. We blend the unique understanding of the test questions and test itself so that your child is confident in the entire process. Succeeding in a test like this one will ensure a better chance of each student entering the college and starting the career that they desire.